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30. 11.News from BG
22nd November
Shall We Dance?
2012 was dedicated as a year to intergenerational solidarity. On the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd) and the International Volunteer Day (December 5th), Borrowed Nature Association together with Center for Volunteers to the Regional Library  in Lovech and Bulgarian Red Cross and Society "Vsaimopomosht" (means mutual support and care)  made an unforgettable and full of emotional meeting for elderly and young people.
With music, dancing and hilarious stories  young and elderly together have shown indomitable spirit and mood. Young people have demonstrated knowledge in complex steps of the classic waltz, tango passionate and unforgettable twist curves. In turn, the elderly showed considerable skill in Macarena, Latin dance and hip hop. Dancing skills were evaluated by a strict and impartial jury. The best dance was awarded. At the end the traditional Bulgarian dance “horo” was a bridge between generations.  The initiative was supported by "Borrowed Nature" under NFC project.

3. 10.
News from the GB
1st -3rd October
International Dissemination of the Nature for Care Book
1st -3rd October – CoDeS Collaboration of Schools and Communities for Sustainable Development Partner Meeting in Gyor Hungry
Jacky Burnell attended the CoDeS partner meeting which followed on from the Vienna working conference that took place in May of this year.    It was attended by more than 30 the CoDeS partners representing leading Education for Sustainability practitioners across Europe – from around 15 countries.   Many of the partners are also involved in ENSI.
This was a great opportunity to talk with other partners about projects that Sense&Sustainablility are involved in.  Partners were enthusiastic to learn about the Intergenerational Learning Project, finding the Nature for Care publication a useful tool to take away with them.  

28. 9.
News from the GB
21th September
Nature for Care Presentation to Severnside Housing Managers
Jacky Burnell gave a presentation about the ‘Nature for Care Research Project to the Severnside Housing managers, Scheme Managers and Neighbourhood Officers.  Around 20 people were at the meeting.    There was an enthusiastic response to Jacky’s report about the programme and the outcomes that the research had highlighted in addressing communication barriers between children and older people. A lot of interest was shown in looking at how they could participate in similar projects themselves.  The meeting ended with everyone receiving a copy of the publication ‘Nature for Care’ which looks in more detail at the theory and practice of the project and James and Jacky are following up further funding with Severnside to continue the project in two other housing complexes.


28. 6.News from the GB
28th June
Nature for Care - Ernies 90th Birthday
Jacky Burnell with some Year 6 children from Oakmeadow School went across to Holland Closes’ community room to celebrate Ernie’s surprise 90th Birthday party, with the residents.  The children brought with them a card and Birthday Cake and participated in the party in helping to serve the food that had been prepared by some of the residents.  Ernie was delighted to see the children and he asked for their help in cutting his birthday cake, as well as assisting in eating the delicious chocolate cake.

30. 9.News from BG
September 2012

Let’s make decoupage
At the care home for elderly people in Lovech volunteers from the Volunteers centre to Regional library in Lovech introduced elderly people from the town how to apply art made with decoupage their home items - from a cutting board - new decoration. Young people presented the decoupage techniques and their slang. The initiative was supported by the association "Borrowed Nature" project within NFC project.

19. 9.
News from the CZE
19th September
Holiday meeting for young and elderly in Velke Mezirici
On the occasion of the European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, Chaloupky, in cooperation with the Region of Vysocina, prepared a meeting for elderly and young people at the end of August. There were 14 elderly people together with social workers from Houses for the Elderly in Havlickuv Brod, Prosec, Namest nad Oslavou, Trebic, Zdirec and Velke Mezirici. They were joined by 17 children with accompanying adults from Children's homes (orphanages) in Jemnice, Hrotovice, Namest nad Oslavou.
During the day, participants remembered now forgotten work tools (such as a butter churn, flail, sickle, etc.), and children compared holidays now and in the past, made soap with herbs and tried a variety of fun and active games in the garden.
“The meeting of elderly and young was one of the best events we participated in this year. The children were excited and they were telling life stories to their “granny or grandpa” all the time on the way back to Children’s home”, said one of the staff from Children's home Jemnice.

31. 5.News from BG
May 2012
Together with grandchildren
Volunteers in Lovech have organized a computer literacy course for elderly people from the town.  Young introduced elderly how to use skype and internet to connect with their loved ones abroad, how to set up an email address and chat, how to use computer in general. It was unforgettable and very pleasant work together.

21. 5.News from the UK
18th May
Isle Court Care Home
During his time in the UK Herman was also able to take part in our next event at Isle Court Care Home. In the morning we worked with a small number of dementia residents  - and talked to them whilst we made smoothies together!  Herman was amazed to find a lady there from Austria who had fled to the UK just before the war as a little girl with her family.  In the afternoon the girls from Adcote School worked with a larger number of residents  this time doing one of the activities developed in the Czech Republic – making tea together from local herbs.

21. 5.News from the UK
17th and 18th May 2012-05-18
Herman de Jong – one of the key inspirational figures in the Nature for Care Project visited the UK for two days to talk to James Hindson and Jacky Burnell about the publication that will be produced  by the Project Team.  As well as agreeing the publication outline, Herman found time to explore Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Charles Darwin, and also briefly meet the residents of Holland Close that are taking part in the project.   In the photo, Jacky and Hermann are discussing the publication!


News form the UK
March 24th

Six girls from Adcote School in Shropshire visited Isle Court Care Home to work with the resident there. In the morning the girls worked with residents in the dementia unit making small
arrangements of flowers for their rooms and planting some flowers that the residents could care for a see grow over the spring and summer. The girls found working with dementia residents very challenging indeed. In the afternoon a different group took part in an environmental quiz with more able residents. There were questions about recycling, waste, energy saving –and mammoth bones. The girls and residents had a great time – with plenty of laughter and excitement about the results. The girls will be going back in May and June this year as part of an ongoing programme.
Isle Court Care Home is set in the middle of the beautiful Shropshire Countryside and is one of a network of homes managed by Morris Care Homes.
Adcote School is a small independent school for girls in Shropshire – not far from the Care Home – so the girls can easily visit on a regular basis.
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News from HU
22nd February, 2012 – Reusing and recycling ways yesterday and today
Children from the Karolina School met the residents of the Care Home in Vác, and were talking about how recycling was in the past, and how it is nowadays. It was really an intergenerational learning activity; the elderly people had lots of ideas and memories how to reuse different kinds of "garbage", and children were good at selective waste collection (and surprisingly elderly people too!!!). Afterward there were some manual works about how to make bookmarks from used newspapers and pretty toy animals from unmatched socks.
It was a big success, and we had 4 students from the Apor Vilmos Catholic University College (teacher training college of Vác) as well, who now only observed the programme, and next time are going to get involved.
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News from the UK
6th February - “Bayston Hill Past Present and Future” - news from the UK
The residents the Holland Close and pupils from Oakmeadow School had a wonderful time together on Monday afternoon.  One of the oldest residents, Ernie, talked to the pupils about what it was like living in their local community 75 years ago and show.  The children were fascinated hearing that Ernie was one of ten children and had slept top to toe with his brothers in one bed!    The group then looked at ideas for the development of Bayston Hill in the future, planning where new houses could be built in the community.
Ernie talking to the pupils- the pastPlanning the village in the future

24. 1.

News for Czech Republic
16th-20th January 2012 - Mid-term Workshop in the Czech Republic.
The Nature for Care / Care for Nature Team met together at Chaloupky in the Czech Republic for their mid term workshop.   It was a hard working event planning the details of our website, the publication we shall produce at the end of the project and our training programmes.  We gained some inspiration from visiting a Care Home and seeing some of the programmes that the Czech team had organised with children.   We also found time for some cultural activities including visiting the historic city of Trebic and playing some traditional Czech children’s games.