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Borrowed Nature Association
00359 888 851 258
“Today we borrow Nature from our Children”
Borrowed Nature Association (BNA) is a Bulgarian environmental NGO founded in 1992 by people with diverse professions and interests. BNA members are united by the understanding that contemporary people have to realize their responsibility to the coming generations for the non-equilibrium created as a result of the human activity.
The mission and the long term aims borrowed nature are
  • raising public awareness on environmental and human development problems;
  • developing a new value system based on the principles of sustainable development;
  • investment in human resources through conducting campaigns, educational projects and dissemination of information;
  • efficient use of material resources and energy, and change of the consumption and production patterns;
  • effective interaction of civil organizations with businesses and local authorities.

Czech Republic:
Chaloupky o.p.s.
00420 566 522 831
The reason for the environmental education – Mission and Goals of our organization
The aim of Chaloupky's effort is to mediate understanding of nature, to enhance considerateness and responsibility of man to the nature, to the environment, to himself and to the others.
Chaloupky fulfills its mission through cross-country programs for children and youth, publications, trainings and educational activities for those who can pass the message: teachers, parents, members of nonprofit organizations …
Our programs are based on education through own experience, practical activities and short-stays in the countryside.

Magosfa Alapítvány
00 36 27 501 530
Our foundation works since 2003 in Vác (35 km far from Budapest), in Börzsöny Mountains and in the Danube Bend. Magosfa is the second highest peak of the Börzsöny Mountains (915 m), but our name has more meaning: “mag” is seed and “fa” is tree in Hungarian language.
Our main activities:
Environmental Education:
  • outdoor education programs for children
  • modules and agenda for the programs (scheme and toolkits for lessons)
  • participation in international EE projects
  • outdoor and indoor teacher training courses (15-60 hours)
  • publications as one-page field guides, books of EE methods
  • survey and popularization of local products in 17 settlements of the area
  • editing book about ecotourism
  • creation and posting bicycle and hiking trails in the Börzsöny Mountains
  • guided eco tours into the nearby mountains (Börzsöny, Naszály)
  • organized river cleaning projects along the Ipoly, with volunteers

United Kingdom:
Sense & sustainability
0044 174 387 28 75
Sense&Sustainability is a small new organisation with the mission of encouraging critical thinking approaches to sustainability and education for sustainability.  
We are concerned that our current approach to education for sustainability leading us up a blind alley!   Although we are doing many positive things that are necessary, we are worried that they won’t be enough to bring about a sustainable and just world.   
The current approach to sustainability seems to accept our  economic system as it is and attempt to make it greener - with a little bit of reducing consumption thrown in for good measure. This clearly isn’t working and on a planet with finite resources, can’t work!    We need a radically different way and Sense&Sustainability think that a more closed loop or circular economic approach offer some bright ideas and some hope!
Sense&Sustainabilty takes part in a variety of projects from those that are working locally with schools and other organisations such as Parish Councils, through to national and European projects.    As well as Nature for Care other current projects include working with -
  • Bayston Hill Parish Council to create a sustainable local community
  • Schools in the UK and Austria to create and perform an eco drama
  • UNESCO to create an ESD programme for schools in Armenia
  • The CoDeS network of educators for sustainability
Sense&Sustainability has also worked on other projects including creating an Ecological Footprint website in Slovakia and developing a module for University Students on Closed Loop thinking in Russia. 

Regionaal Landschap Vlaamse Ardennen
0032 552 072 65
The Flemish Ardennes is characterised by a well conserved landscape, with high ecological value. It is attractive for its inhabitans, but also for visitors. Regionaal Landschap Vlaamse Ardennen (RLVA) has since 1992 the goal to protect the natural caracter, to take care of the landscape and to favorise a sustainable development of the region of the Flemisch Ardennes. This becomes possible by involving government, inhabitants and visitors in our projects. RLVA works with the financial support from the Flemish Government, the Province Eastern Flanders and 16 local communities.

The Netherlands:
Veldwerk Nederland
0031 553 684 015
SVN operates nationally and internationally in education for sustainability. Founded in 1979 we manage 3 education centres, employing an educational staff of 12 experienced members.
Core business is to involve people in issues concerning environment and sustainability, by focussing on educational processes and the interdependence with society. Not only in formal education but also e.g. in sustainable tourism, health- and childcare.
SVN aims to involve people in the care for, preservation and awareness of the value and significance of our environment by:
  • development and improvement of programs on education for sustainability
  • delivering extensive training programs both in and outside the formal educational system
  • carrying out innovative and well-tested programs, e.g. with schools for primary, secondary, vocational education and adult professional education
  • SVN contracts projects with a large variety of groups:  government, education, elderly people, recreation, childcare and NGO's.